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I don't have much time as I'm currently at work and not supposed to participate in forum threads. Yes I've read the three bankruptcy filings and I've been following up the case for quite a while. I'm not looking at this with passionate or romantic glasses as I don't have anymore ties with anything Amiga, but it has been part of my job to investigate in companies, analyze their facts and figures, their shareholding structures, governance rules, etc. and I'm pleased to help you there with providing some new sources and insights.

If you have doubts and specific questions to ask about specific games (as in the case of Team 17 ones for instance) please don't refrain and I will be pleased to help.

Regarding the legitimacy as long as Amiga Inc. and WGF are completely separate entities, for such a transaction one should not stay with doubts on the selling side but should also consider the buying side, a public company, and the rules which are applying in this case.

If you have other doubts or considerations about my reading of Amiga Inc. past or anything else not related to this thread, thank you to go PM.
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