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Bill McEwen dead?

I was puzzled to see that the status of Amiga Games Inc. which has just been acquired by Writers' Group Film Corp. was active while the status of Amiga Inc. was inactive, so I've made a few research on the company secretary, just to see if I could find something of use.

Check this:
Company secretary is John A Grzymala.

Then I found this:
"I have worked for a Family Office as CFO for the past 20 years (my boss recently died) handling all business, investment and personal affairs with total trust and integrity. I have designed and implemented numerous financial strategies for this international office. "

Same one, same photo on LinkedIn:
Previous Family Office COO/CFO, Itec LLC Family Office

And what was Itec LLC?

Which would explain everything, the recent deal and transfer of all Amiga Inc. games licences to a new owner.

As secretary, John A Grzymala probably had the power to sign on behalf of Bill McEwen, which would explain the quick setup of Amiga Games Inc. with Bill McEwen as President & CEO.

Since then I wonder how American law works when cessions or dissolutions of companies occur after the death of the President & CEO, and if John A Grzymala acted properly on behalf of the McEwen's family...

This would have strong implications on the deal with WGF and would probably explain such a low price of 500k$ for the transfer of 300+ games' licences and agreements with tablets manufacturers and applications stores.

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