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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
indeed, then it means that those guys will then make us troubles, they will ask us to remove the games wherever they are and will threat to lawsuit (you are by copying games making us not be able to get the maximum money...... Pffffff
Not more than the rights holders themselves, and not more than Amiga Inc. previously, but that's not impossible.

If you want to know what is Writers' Group Film Corp. (no website) it's a holding which main representation is Frontrow Networks:

Eric Mitchell the new Chairman & CEO has told his strategy to the press on May 22, 2013:

Which, if you read the press release about Blackberry, means that Amiga Inc. has also sold its existing agreements with makers of tablets/smartphones and applications and WGF intends to exploit the revenue streams. And there are some games named in this particular release.

In the end WGF doesn't look like a copyright troll, still they can decide at any time to enforce their rights. Nothing prevents them to do so.

Hope this helps.

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