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First let's forget the exclusivity with Barnes and Noble Nook Store:
SK Telecom's SK Planet T Store:
BlackBerry World for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and PlayBook:

Second, the company Amiga Games Inc. has been founded by Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga Inc.:

For me that means that Amiga Inc. has packed its game software and trademarks portfolio into an incorporated business just to sell it to another company. The 500 k$ are really for the licenses, not for the walls and employees. This, obviously because Bill McEwen's strategy is to exit that business, which raises more questions about his new strategy at Amiga Inc.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I'm not saying the whole deal is a hoax. Still AGI might not have the proper agreements for all titles, so please allow me to remain suspicious
If AI did not have the proper agreements then AGI probably doesn't have the proper agreements, which I doubt, again, for the exact reasons I've already exposed in my previous posts.

The only mitigating hypothesis I could see which could make you right up to some point, would be that of the 300 games, a certain number would have only trademark licensing agreements, which wouldn't allow them to make adaptations for instance (for this they would need a full copyright/software agreement).

On the other hand, if they have both trademark and distributor/reseller agreements for the games, they can still distribute them on platforms which have emulation applications.

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