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I glanced at the Retro Edge magazine in the newsagent. Apart from the comments already made here, I was dissapointed that the interview with Archer Maclean was only about his restoration of old arcade cabinets. I would've been more interested in his C64/Amiga programming days.

And I did enjoy the retro look at Zzap 64! I thoroughly agree that it did pioneer a lot things & how essential read it was. After originally seeing it in its early days,when I eventually obtained a C64 by 1989 for myself, it was my obvious choice to return to for games reviews,previews etc. It was a shame that when I acquired an Amiga they'd gone back to the C64 only.

I noticed that a ex-zzap writer from the Zzap! C64/Amiga dual coverage era,(Robin Hogg) has made an appearance at Lemon's forum, any chance someone introduce him here to a real commodore forum?!

In a lot of ways when The One switched to Amiga only & relaunced with David Upchurch Garry Whitta etc., I always thought the zzap-style editorial influence was the reason for its success.
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