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I can ensure you that claims alone are worth nothing, and as long as WGF Corp is a publicly traded company having to publish 10-k reports and other stuff to the SEC, making wrong statements can lead them to investigations about manipulating stocks and having to pay more in fines than the price figure for which they have acquired this portfolio.

A public company has to be aware of this and it's extremely rare if not unbelievable that they wouldn't have at least audited the acquired company's assets if not performed an appropriate due diligence. Although I must admit that 500 k$ is very small but maybe the licences to old Amiga games are not worth more than this.

A few other things:
1. In the press release I've linked to, there's the classic rights' statement at the end and if one reads correcly:
"Amiga is the registered trademark of Amiga, Inc. in the U.S. and other territories. Amiga Inc. Trademarks and Software have been licensed to Amiga Games, Inc. for mobile devices under a Software and Trademark License Agreement. "

So apparently we know where the licenses are coming from.

2. There's more to this. I've just googled it very quickly:

Oh, it seems that Amiga Inc. really owns the licenses to some Team 17 games.

Maybe Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director of Team 17, quoted as saying, knows a little more than Martyn Brown who has left Team 17 in 2011 apparently for good reasons then founded his own consultancy, Insight For Hire Ltd.

Martyn Brown doesn't sign anymore Team 17 agreements since he left, does he? Should he also be aware of the NDAs?

His rants remind me of Peter Hook first engaging in battle with New Order before recognizing it was very childish. But it's normal for a guy like Martyn Brown who has devoted a big part of his life to his former company which he was the founder of. I bet that everything will get back to normal sooner or later.

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