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Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
Just shows a red screen on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta sadly. I can hear the sound/music but the display is just totally red :/
That's interesting... That's supposed to be the result of intro image tamper.
It might be an iOS 7 thing.. definitely fixable.

Program decodes the png intro images to jpeg.
If the jpeg representations are not the expected size,
program produces the red screen.

I suspect that iOS 7 decodes the jpegs differently if you have not altered the program package.

I will look directly at the png instead for the update.
Better to know that now, before iOS 7 is out to the public!

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
This is great, well done!

Tested quickly on my IPhone 4 (non-"s"), and it works fine. Will have to do some serious playthrough... Albeit it's not as easy as it was with the mouse.
Going well on iPhone 4 is good news.

Update brings optional auto level rotation.
Game begins with a different level each time the app is launched.

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