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Hi dlfrsilver, I feel very sad for you, I hope things are going to be better, especially with your family. Regarding your collection I know what it is to lose a lot of extremely rare stuff as it happened to me a lot of times (both my amigas and 700 disks seized by the cops in the Bluebox affair, several disk crashes, etc.). I lost half of my own-made musics this way.

Btw we don't live too far one from the other, as I'm based in Paris 14 near Montparnasse tower. It was already my intent this summer to contact two friends I haven't seen for a long time, who have truly great collections (including a lot of my own stuff). One of them is Crown/CRB (webmaster of amp.dascene) the other one a former member of Megaforce who probably had one of the greatest possible collections on the Amiga (and an incredible number of original games). I hope he still has everything in good condition.

If you are interested and if I may help, please PM me towards the end of the month/beginning of August.

Kind regards,
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