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Crackhead fever is spilling from ebay online accounts to their sellers' commercial sites:

These guys are hallucinating hardcore! Was just browsing their Amiga games on their site...a used copy of Sideshow and they are asking $50US for it. Have they lost their minds? Or how about a copy of Darkseed with no box for $23! Centsible have gone nonsensical. They have Super Explode 4.1 for the C-64, used cartridge only for $30! Or check this one out:

I found one in a thrift store for a dollar (a few years ago, mind you). And those buffoons have even watermarked all of their tiny little boxscans (as if someone has any use for them). A year ago, they were almost fair with their prices, but now they seem to be reaming Amiga and C-64 users with a glowing hot poker. $22 for Fun School CDTV? They can kiss my grits!

I guess it's open season on retrogamers. Time to boycott these greedy bastards...
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