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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

Will it work with Micronik ZII busboards? And on DraCos?
Mikronik Z-II is not certain; I did a few tweaks on the X-Surf 3cc to deal with the bad signal quality and bouncing on the bus that supposedly worked for a few customers, but I will only guarantee proper operation in Commodore daughterboards. DraCo is a candidate for "works fine, but also not guaranteed", because that was already stable with the X-Surf 2. Needless to say that all the knowledge about those bad bus boards went into the design of the new card as well.

Just in case someone might wonder: RBM OnBoard 1200ex and the Winner Z4 board are also candidates for "might work, but not guaranteed". However, the old RBM board with long flat cables (Ramiga in the BigBook) doesn't work properly with anything - that's not even worth a try.

For Mediator Z3, the "swap" jumper must be closed. Funny behaviour with this board is that Ethernet performance is slower in Z3 mode, so you might want to close the Z2-downgrade jumper on the X-Surf-100.

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