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Ugh, I am back to being unsatisfied. I noticed there are rendering artifacts. Really, none of the D3D shaders seem to work properly in WinUAE. I think that the source texture dimensions aren't being properly set.

Also, I would really like to get scanlines working properly in the shader. Right now they are not part of the shader, but just a mask effect. Scanlines really need separate processing from the rest of the pixels to really look right, masks just aren't good enough. Currently, there is no way to do scanlines that I know of in UAE. Does anyone know of any scanline shaders that work correctly?

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
TysonJacobs shader but with a Scanlines75x4.png. Looks much better on FullHD displays.
I forgot to mention, this shader works best in lores mode. Otherwise, if the source is prescaled, you don't get much if any smoothing. That is, if you like that.

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What are the shader values to lower the bloom?
Mess with the "1.5" value on line 44,
color.a = clamp(1.5 - color.a, 0, 1);
It is sensitive, try .1 increments
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