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Running 'Newer' Amiga Software (Esp. Demos) Made During the Late 90's & Onwards

If you take a look at you'll notice several Amiga scene releases made between 2001 and 2009. The archives seem to mostly contain files with no extensions and some files with the .exe extension. Once uploaded to Virus Total, the 'Magic Literal' of many of those files seems to be "AmigaOS loadseg()ble executable/binary" and some of them have the 'TrID' "Amiga Kickstart 1.x generic commands and executables". At least the first attribute suggests that the files should be run on AmigaOS... But how exactly? By firing up the shell and entering some command? Or with the help of some specific program? Furthermore, can they be run on AmiKit or AmigaSYS? The best scenario would be to be able to run those executables/binaries directly on WinUAE without having to install any extra stuff like an entire OS. Is that possible at all?
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