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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Regarding the stability issues, those only happened with the first revision. Also, they weren't thermal issues but timing issues. Rev. 2 which is being sold now does not have these problems AFAIK. I've never had any issues with my rev. 2. Can definitely recommend the ACA620 as well.
Thanks, that's the kind of answer I was seeking. I will have to contact amigakit about payments to ship items to Australia as the shipping costs vary from overseas.

I will also get a second opinion with the repair tech who fixed my amiga a while ago about the accelerator to determine it's value.

Well from what I've seen on youtube and various forums about accelerator cards its almost necessary to own one if you want to improve the performance and the reliability of the machine.

But can I ask about the power supply my one is stock from commodore, will adding an accelerator card affect the power supply as it doesn't contain enough horsepower to power up the card as well as the CD-IDE Adapter, or should I replace it with an aftermarket or an Amiga 500 Power Supply.

I've seen people use the Amiga 500 Power supplies on the A600 and it delivers more wattage on the volts than the A600. So I ask will I be safe having the A600 Power Supply to run the accelerator card. thanks.
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