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Originally Posted by psygnosis View Post
Im thinking of getting an ACA620 but im unsure how to secure it once its over the cpu
You don't need to secure it as the socket fits very tightly to the CPU. You can practically lift the entire MB only by lifting on the ACA620. Also, the board is quite light so it won't fall off even if you move the Amiga around. I guess maybe if you drop the Amiga to the floor from 1m, then maybe it could fall off, but you'd probably have other issues with it as well.

Regarding the stability issues, those only happened with the first revision. Also, they weren't thermal issues but timing issues. Rev. 2 which is being sold now does not have these problems AFAIK. I've never had any issues with my rev. 2. Can definitely recommend the ACA620 as well.

Originally Posted by Zerotech View Post
Btw the keyboard layout in Australia for the Amiga 600 is identical to the U.S. one but the U.K. have 2 keys unassigned and the return key is in a different shape from what I've observed. Will that Locale affect running games through WHDLoad?
WHDLoad games doesn't use Locale settings, which is a WB thing. What matters are the key locations and not whats printed on them. So no it won't matter, unless the games are specifically using the keys you're missing (I doubt anyone does).

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