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Arrow @Twist

Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Furthermore, why would they need you to upload the coverdisks when they can just get them from the same place as you - the two coverdisk sites. Unless you have coverdisks not on those sites?

Also, I think that Project X Extra Level was from a coverdisk.
I only uploaded the coverdisks just in case they really couldn't be arsed to trudge through the many pages in order to find certain coverdisks in particular - I was only trying to make their task easier.

You would be correct on me having coverdisks not on Nth Dimension or Amiga Coverdisks, in fact I hope to dump these ones not very long now. Definitely sometime between August and end September, anyway.

Project X: Are you sure you're not getting confused with CU Amiga's "Project X Bonus Stage" demo? That demo did have a presentation before the main game, and besides, the "Extra Level" game I'm talking about is a normal shoot-aliens level, not a speedy bonus stage. I think I'll make screenshots of both demos in order to show the difference between them.
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