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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
As for a true Amiga on a chip (mass produced, under $30 commercial product like the C64DTV), I don't see it being financially feasible.
Size of ASIC, memory size, mass storage as natural result of 16 bit code and more audio/video data. probably not even close to 30$ but anyway - i mean - i regret that AmigaDTV not happen but - many things in Amiga not happen and as C64 can be seen as a game computer, Amiga was something else - operating system, hardware capabilities - definitely not only game computer - probably first true personal machine, predecessor for technologies not even available today (i mean even modern PC with late MS Windows can still be worse in terms for example responsiveness and multitasking capabilities than Amiga)

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
And as good as FPGAs and emulation for things such as the Pi are getting, I'm not sure it's necessary..

Have a good one..

I mean i can deal with fact that FPGA is 10 times more expensive than ASIC - ASIC have sense for commercial large scale production - is Amiga even with improvements can be nowadays mass available product? perhaps yes but... Currently this is pure hobbyist machine and perhaps this is also OK, at least people involved in Amiga doing things not only for money.

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