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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Interesting statement..
Maybe it's a communication issue. I'm not sure one can say there is "more" genius without objectively checking genius levels... The word "more" implies a comparison of something.

We can say that Jeri is apparently very talented, and there are some other incredibly talented people in the Amiga community....

I'm not sure what being "a pretty woman" has to do with the conversation tho..
Are you saying something comparatively about the looks of Jens or Toni or Yaqube????

English is not my native and perhaps there is area where some vicious people can play with words - but truth is much simpler - how many girls involved in electronics you know? - i've meet few and for all of them electronics was rather boring thing. Jeri is very passionate about electronics - this is very good, she promote electronics, showing that it can be fun and interesting however with popularity there is also responsibility - all my previous statement was related to analysis what i see on movie, i've watched this many times, checking some things almost frame by frame - based on some other things i just doubt about how far it was advanced and that all.
No need to search for second meaning.

And it was not me who start use term genius so ask author about his intention and definitions...
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