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I'd love to see someone use David Haynie's released design documents and pdf's for the AAA chipset and create a backwards compatible AAA-daughterboards that you could simply slot on like the new AGA Indivision cards.

Or perhaps even build Haynie's Acutiator design motherboard (Acutiator was basically a revolution that ended with C='s bankruptcy) with support for modern buses (PCI, PCIe) since it was completely modular and different from any Amiga up to A4000T.

Oh well... Dreams will stay dreams. Imagine if Haynie and his team had managed to get the hardware finalized, put together and offered as a 3-level solution (ie. low-end, mid-end and high-end machines all based on the Acutiator design). Things might've looked very different today. C= might have had a share as big as Apple or better. Since the Acutiator design was so modular it was entirely possible to add PCI (to run the same cards that came for the PC).

AmigaFX, low-end solution, with a 3dfx Voodoo connected to the AAA-chipset, proper audio DSP etc.?? AmigaOS 4 in 1996.

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