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Unhappy Amiga Emulator CD

You're not alone on this, IanCharge.

I have to admit that I, too, was suckered by Epic's sneaky ways and bought the CD *twice* at different occassions. What I mean is that I ordered for one CD of it by mail, and was fooled by the advert in Epic's catalogue ads that an "updated & better" version was up, and I snapped up *real* money on that virtually-identical crap (that was delivered through mail as well). Thoroughly dissappointed and pissed off with the end result, I was. I was really hoping they'd put all the commercial games on there (we're lucky to have the Amiga Classix CDs now, aren't we?). The floppy disk provided and the startup script executables didn't do anything to help me utilise this thing. DosUAE isn't even that good (and it's not being worked on anymore AFAIK), why couldn't they have at least put WinUAE up instead? Or Fellow even? 'Cos as far as I am concerned, if people in the Amiga emulation scene today bought this Coaster Disc (), they would be upset at the choice of main emulator, considering they are more used to WinUAE nowadays.

Oh well, the one (and I seriously mean ONE) plus point of the CD is that with the full Assassins collection in my possession, I don't have to waste time and disk space by downloading the whole pack slowly and gradually, when I could just slot the CD in and load them directly off there at my will.
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