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Originally posted by blackcornflake
I used to use ZXAM on my real Amiga, and I remember that windowed mode was much, much slower than fullscreen. I can only imagine the same applies under WinUAE. Anyone know why this is? It's always puzzled me.
Probably the same reason that everything ran like a slug on the public Workbench screen I believe it was on-the-fly colour remapping that slowed everything to a crawl.

ZXAM AGA version running full screen was superb - I don't understand how it ran too fast with you? There was a normal and fast version. Normal ran at 100% for me, and fast about 160%. Very accurate emulation, if only it had continued development for 128K support.

I use X128 these days. It (obviously) emulates the 128K model, promotes to gfx card screens, supports a wider range of Spectrum file formats, and, vitally, has a speed regulator. ZXAM fullscreen used to run at about 2 million fps on my 060... made games quite difficult.
I did try out a few 128K emulators (can't remember if X128 was one of them), but they generally can't quite run full speed under a 68030 @ 50mhz. I really like the tape format, and have used it extensively in ZX32 for Windows. You can watch the loading sequence if you wanted

Course the disadvantage of playing the games on PC is they look excessively blocky. Whereas I use my Amiga on a big TV now anyway, so it looks as the real Speccy did back in the days.

What's the site for the latest copy of X128 mate? Or is it on Aminet? Wouldn't mind giving it a whirl.
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