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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
You sir are wrong, and a bit of a wally if you don't think Jeri Ellsworth was either telling the truth or capable of doing this to 100% completion whilst being funded by the C64DTV makers(I think it was their project). You do realise she pretty much invented the C64DTV, the most complex of 20$ system in a joystick emulators ever made. So if my friend Jeri says she was working on it as a follow up project to the C64DTV joystick then you should weep into your tesco value meal for one mate at the loss.
I've read all history behind C64DTV - some people complaint on Jeri but this is completely irrelevant in this topic - C64DTV is something else than Amiga.

Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
Minimig is OK but WTF would I want an Amiga 500 or 1200 FPGA board that costs almost as much as an Amiga 4000/030 on ebay? Why? If Mike would get venture capital and make 10,000 at once to drop the price to something beyond the minority obscurity type thing that would be great.
Minimig exist, core was offered freely to comunity by Dennis van Weeren and this end all - you can buy Minimig or you can use Minimig core on your FPGA board - FPGA are always more expensive than ASIC's.

Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
Getting the Amiga into an ASIC based system on a chip and inside a $30 joystick would have been amazing for our community. She added CPU burst modes and 256 colour modes to the C64 still keeping the system compatible on those parts of the emulation....just think what she could have done for Amiga....chunky mode/converter? Dual Paula (4 channels is shit sorry, Commodore dropped the ball on that on AGA) or even triple speed 68k burst mode.
Those things can be added to Minimig too - there is nothing against having those features on FPGA - more important - HW can evolve with FPGA, ASIC are fixed. There is Akiko as chunky to planar but better is simply support chunky and packed pixels structures directly on chip, this can be done, you can add DDR interface, you can have truecolor, you can have DSP, you can have more audio channels (but PC have only 2 audio channels and is fine with this). you can for example do HW channel combining, add panorama register (ie locate freely each audio channel between Left and Right thus no longer fixed channel allocation) - all thoise things are easy to implemented in fashion fully compatible with OCS/ECS/AGA, you can have second video controller (modern one) and combine old graphics on this new (by overlay or by HW blit). You can have much faster 68K (look at Majsta with his project, look at FrenchShark,).

Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
She's a true genius and yet has been so unlucky in companies she has ended up working with. A true waste of talent sitting there when stuff like the C64DTV/AmigaDTV should still be on shop shelves NOW.
She is very nice person, pretty women, she is a positive celebrity that promote electronics but definitely there is more true genius in Amiga community - there is Jens Schoenfeld with Clone-A for example - project that can be turn to ASIC, there is Yaqube with his knowledge about Amiga, we Have Toni Wilen - we have more genius guys - but for today we have Minimig and we have other projects not just video on YT.
And we must life with this.

So please understand - Amiga community experienced in the past many promises - Hombre, Caipirinha etc - we are tired and bored with false statements.
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