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I saw Project-X on an Amiga site that supposedly offers up adf files from
developers who have given up titles for free distribution.

When I emailed Team-17 about using Project-X in a one off distribution,
I was declined, and it turns out the game wasn't given up at all.
Turns out I inadvertantly dobbed the site in... Team-17 replied saying they
are going to send a friendly email asking for Project-X files to be removed.

In their last reply they also said they have plans to revive some older titles,
but didn't say if thats by native ports or through emulation.

Amiga Inc... just look at their site.
The only thing it seems to have in common with anything Amiga,
is cashing in with regard to licensed branding, and Kickstart stuff.
If you want to produce an Amiga T-Shirt, it costs $1000 just to send the form.
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