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Having hobby'd and worked in the music world, first thing to learn is how to get thick skinned. How to take bad reviews, critique etc not personally but constructively (even if they aren't constructive).

While I haven't read the full review I believe Amiten you need to take the personal aspect out of this. Graham isn't attacking you, he is reviewing games.

You're very clearly passionate. Channel that passion into your work. To take this at face value it seems you have the talent in some way (I checked your AmiSampler - nice Akai style interface there, but couldn't for the life of me find downloads) so focus on doing one thing well rather than many things not so well. Again, taken on face value.

Also if a professional doesn't do what he did then pretty much every magazine in history has had unprofessional people working for them.

Look forward to playing your games for myself so I can pass proper judgement.

Also in the future, maybe a private message would have been a better form of communication.

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