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Hi Amiten,

Firstly I will say I am sorry you didn't like my review. However, a lot of things you say here are extremely inaccurate and an unfair reflection of myself and the magazine as a whole. You say you felt a little offended; I think you feel very offended and have taken it far too personally so I will now go through your points and attempt to explain things.

Originally Posted by Amiten View Post
Ok, that said I do not know if you know this Mr. Graham Humphrey wrote in the journal AmigaFuture July / August (No. 103) an article about my collection of games and demos for friend called "Amiten Software Compilation CD Vol I", well for those who have read it and you have seen how this supposed "REDACTOR" is primed crucified with me and my work in a very unprofessional and even rude in certain things.
Right then, I must admit I am having trouble totally understanding everything so please forgive me if I haven't correctly grasped anything you are saying throughout. I will also add that perhaps the language barrier has been an issue with the review and you have maybe taken certain remarks out of the context they were intended.

You say I was "unprofessional and even rude". Obviously I disagree. I bought your CD because (a) I was very interested to see what you came up with and (b) so I could provide an honest review to our readers. Clearly I did not think it was very good at all, so I said so. Throughout the review, I stated why I did not like the various games on offer. It was hardly a scathing personal attack; I personally felt it wasn't up to scratch so as I always do, I gave my honest viewpoint. Sure, I may have been blunt at times, but ultimately if people are paying money to read a magazine, they deserve to read what the writer thinks of the software being discussed.

I am not attacking you; I know you have put a lot of energy into these games and a lot of passion and I respect that. But that doesn't mean it automatically gets a good review. I call a spade a spade.

And I think and want you to know MR.Graham Humphrey do not know how you can judge my work and seeing the "ridiculous" of your attempts or threats of games that you have done.

To me that are not games but someone who wants but can not ...
So I'm not allowed to judge other people's games because you don't like mine? How about people who can't make games at all? Does that mean they can't make any judgements? Hey, if you don't like my games then that's cool, they don't appeal to everyone. And actually, in that link, I openly admitted my early stuff was terrible. I do know my limitations and I am fine with that. Of my first game, I said "If I reviewed it today I'd give it a kicking as it's rubbish. But it's well-intentioned, enthusiastic rubbish." And to be fair, a lot of the new games I see on the Amiga are exactly this. It's not a crime though and we're all enthusiasts working in our spare time. A lot of people are just learning the ropes and hopefully if they stick at it, they will improve.

And in the background all this sounds more to me that you know you can never even remotely close to the level of my games or in their wildest dreams, and that gives a lot of anger and helplessness, but luckily for you and reasons I do not understand, as a magazine that looks as professional as it could AMIGAFUTURE to allow a " REDACTOR " of its type in that magazine size without anyone saying anything.
I have been writing for this magazine for over five and a half years now. Do you think, if I was at all envious of other people's work and deliberately started knocking them, I would have been on the team for very long? How come this is the first time anyone has ever complained about me in all that time? Even those people who have had some really bad reviews never get angry about it. I try to be constructive where I can and I hope this is recognised generally.

Because you are not a professional because your article is written from the frustration of an aspiring game creator fails (just look at their work to confirm this)
Only and only minimally Downfall for Amiga curious and needed 5 people to do it and still for me not even reach the quality of the presentation of any of mine, it's my opinion and I have the right to speak and you have done with my work.
Indeed, you do have the right to air that opinion and that's fine. However that is totally irrelevant to your CD. The number of people involved doesn't matter - I am only interested in the actual games and nothing else. (Actually I have often stated if those people didn't help me out, Downfall would have taken twice as long and been half as good... as I said, I know my limitations!)

However, your assessment of me is totally incorrect. I have been writing articles longer than I have been trying to make games. I love seeing people write new Amiga games and I am really pleased more and more people are giving it a go. I have actually tried to champion this cause (for example, with Downfall I released all the code and actually have openly said it was partly an attempt to inspire more people into Amiga programming). I am not "envious" of anyone; I want the scene to get busier and better still and it is my own small way of trying to improve that.

And I explained why I think you have written the article from envy and taking advantage of its position in the magazine and has been a sack with some gaps that exist in my games recognize that I recognize from the outset and made it clear to those interested in the CD.

The CD is clearly unfinished and does not represent 100% of what there is intended to provide
My mistake was to rush to release it as something commercial without being finished I agree with you.
Yes, you did indeed state that and you said not to expect miracles with the CD, which is fine and I did point that bit out in the review. But as you say, you did rush it and it was a mistake, albeit an honest and enthusiastic one. But you still released it and it still needed to be paid for so I had to be honest with the people who were potentially interested in buying it.

1 You purchase the CD request from minute 0 after I offer him these forums, you probably did not have content for collaborative work or in AmigaFuture surely makes you a 'REDACTOR' without resources and materials needed.
I often have to find things to write about myself. That's how the mag works, we are all people who write for it unpaid in our spare time and I do not have a lot of contacts. Occasionally someone will send me something themselves but not often.

2nd warning I you was going to use to make the unfortunate article did notice after you have paid to me...
Had I known it would have given you for FREE and surely would have slowed a bit fury and thirst to kill what you see as a rival who is afraid because their games are better than what ever you can create, and so kill two birds with one stone littering my name publicly using its position in the magazine.
Yep, I did only tell you after I bought it. I didn't want it for free, I wanted to pay for it to support people like you who want to make games for the Amiga. Even if you would have offered it for free I would still have paid and it would not have changed my opinion on its contents. As I have already said, there's no "rivalry" in my eyes.

A professional does not do what you have done, first of all you do not Tell all of my CD-ROM fetch only focuses on faults and failures and more when something you like and you hardly recognize it adorns it with expressions like "if this is not crucified with praise I dont not what is this is "
Right, that expression was actually "if that's not being damned with faint praise, I don't know what is" so I don't know if you're reading the German version and something has got lost in translation. Sorry to say, I thought there were lots of "faults and failures" and not many good bits, otherwise I would have mentioned the good bits too.

At no point says that games are offered with the promise of free upgrades to all who purchased with fixes and improvements day by day are making the games.

This is not important to mention it?
My apologies. This was a genuine oversight on my part. It was not malicious; I just forgot to include it and it should have been mentioned.

Yes it is important to say and very highlighted Konami's lawyers calling me when they see the magazine, is a thoughtful meanwhile Thanks ....
You highlighted it yourself! You said you ripped those graphics and I said it doesn't give the game any character. Just my opinion.

Knowing that "Amivania" is just a research project by nonprofit and community that so many compliments and enthusiasm I received from the people so that one day I can be something more than just that one person has been able to make so far by the complexity of the project.
Well I hardly judged it. You said it was a playable demo so I treated it as such. I only said it needed a lot of work, but that is obviously going to be the case. It wasn't really a criticism.

Then again a 'REDACTOR "of his stature can not View this concept still remains one of the few people who have seen and test the concept" AMIVANIA "because fear gives think this is over I will wet your pants by their Ego.

Once again I see that there are users in our community (Moderators above sites as this) that only look at your navel and forcing others to do the same in many cases paying for the sins that ultimately neither eat nor allowed to eat.
I could name many cases of canceled projects for Commodore Amiga same kind of people and their attitude, but everyone knows what I mean and apocas wise words ...

To conclude and say that the only thing you've got MR. Graham Humphrey is that I now get my "Rubbish games" as you call them post them to my WEBSITE FREE for everyone who wants it all to download and see for yourself that everything is not bad or you like you SR . "REDACTOR" paints it.

They will think 2 times or more developers will send something to the magazine if the SR.Graham AmigaFuture Humphrey in charge of making the article of your program or game, because as a professional leaves much to be desired and has no idea to "REVIEWS" from a point of view other than see the product as something that it can not create and threatens their limited world view commodore Amiga.
I don't totally understand everything here but I will make a few points and hope that counts as a response.

The last paragraph of the review says this:

"Even though the author states not to expect miracles from his work it's a great shame that it feels so half-baked. He's not charging a fortune for it by any means but I think you would still expect better than this. There are just too many holes in everything for it to be considered enjoyable - a better idea would be for him to forget the 'scattergun' approach and concentrate on developing just one of his ideas. That way he can put the time into making his basic ideas fun, playable games with some sense of progression, variety and polish. The enthusiasm is commendable but the results are terrible and despite the fact I think Amiga developers (new, inexperienced ones in particular) deserve support and encouragement, I can't honestly recommend you go out and buy this. What a pity."

I don't have an agenda here. I'm trying to help and I'm trying to support the people who are still going with the Amiga. But I can't do that by pretending everything is great so I am trying to offer some sort of advice to help improve things. By all means ignore it - it is just my opinion but I think I would annoy more people if I said "yeah this is good, go and buy it" and people spent their money on it only to find out it was rubbish - it would harm my reputation as a reviewer and the magazine's reputation.

Look, I know it sucks. I've been there. You spend time and effort making something and some people don't like it. It isn't nice. But as I said, it's never personal, it's just an opinion. I played these games quite a bit to reach my conclusion. You can either take it on the chin, accept the criticisms or just ignore it. Either way, if you enjoy it, carry on and do it. If you're happy with it then that's cool, just be prepared to accept people won't always offer positive opinions on it.

Also, in that same issue, I wrote a review of a game called The Incredible Adventures Of Moebius Goatlizard. I called it "a finely-tuned, beautifully balanced game that's almost constantly a joy to play... undoubtedly the best [game] of 2013 thus far" so not always negative, not jealous, not envious... hell, I wish I could write a game that good! It's wonderful. I would love to get more games of this standard. See my reviews of Agent Lux and Amiganitzu in recent issues; I certainly am not afraid to offer praise and I sincerely hope in the not too distant future, I can wax lyrical about a game you have written.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit. I hope this goes some way to answering your post. As I say, I don't expect you to be thrilled with a negative review, just remember it isn't personal, chill out a little and put it into perspective a bit. As I said - I have been there myself. Any other queries, please feel free to PM me.

Kind regards and best wishes,

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