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Dedicated to MR.Graham Humphrey

Hi, well first of all I want to say that what I say here I say this because I think I should do it and it is right and not because I feel offended or hurt (which in part if I felt a little) but I will say I think Mr. Graham Humphrey based on information and personal checks his work for the Commodore Amiga computer as you can see in this link.

Ok, that said I do not know if you know this Mr. Graham Humphrey wrote in the journal AmigaFuture July / August (No. 103) an article about my collection of games and demos for friend called "Amiten Software Compilation CD Vol I", well for those who have read it and you have seen how this supposed "REDACTOR" is primed crucified with me and my work in a very unprofessional and even rude in certain things.

And I think and want you to know MR.Graham Humphrey do not know how you can judge my work and seeing the "ridiculous" of your attempts or threats of games that you have done.

To me that are not games but someone who wants but can not ...

And in the background all this sounds more to me that you know you can never even remotely close to the level of my games or in their wildest dreams, and that gives a lot of anger and helplessness, but luckily for you and reasons I do not understand, as a magazine that looks as professional as it could AMIGAFUTURE to allow a " REDACTOR " of its type in that magazine size without anyone saying anything.

Because you are not a professional because your article is written from the frustration of an aspiring game creator fails (just look at their work to confirm this)
Only and only minimally Downfall for Amiga curious and needed 5 people to do it and still for me not even reach the quality of the presentation of any of mine, it's my opinion and I have the right to speak and you have done with my work.

And I explained why I think you have written the article from envy and taking advantage of its position in the magazine and has been a sack with some gaps that exist in my games recognize that I recognize from the outset and made it clear to those interested in the CD.

The CD is clearly unfinished and does not represent 100% of what there is intended to provide
My mistake was to rush to release it as something commercial without being finished I agree with you.
But you made a dead horse without a hair cut.

1 You purchase the CD request from minute 0 after I offer him these forums, you probably did not have content for collaborative work or in AmigaFuture surely makes you a 'REDACTOR' without resources and materials needed.

2nd warning I you was going to use to make the unfortunate article did notice after you have paid to me...
Had I known it would have given you for FREE and surely would have slowed a bit fury and thirst to kill what you see as a rival who is afraid because their games are better than what ever you can create, and so kill two birds with one stone littering my name publicly using its position in the magazine.

A professional does not do what you have done, first of all you do not Tell all of my CD-ROM fetch only focuses on faults and failures and more when something you like and you hardly recognize it adorns it with expressions like "if this is not crucified with praise I dont not what is this is "
At no point says that games are offered with the promise of free upgrades to all who purchased with fixes and improvements day by day are making the games.

This is not important to mention it?

Yes it is important to say and very highlighted Konami's lawyers calling me when they see the magazine, is a thoughtful meanwhile Thanks ....
Knowing that "Amivania" is just a research project by nonprofit and community that so many compliments and enthusiasm I received from the people so that one day I can be something more than just that one person has been able to make so far by the complexity of the project.
Then again a 'REDACTOR "of his stature can not View this concept still remains one of the few people who have seen and test the concept" AMIVANIA "because fear gives think this is over I will wet your pants by their Ego.

Once again I see that there are users in our community (Moderators above sites as this) that only look at your navel and forcing others to do the same in many cases paying for the sins that ultimately neither eat nor allowed to eat.
I could name many cases of canceled projects for Commodore Amiga same kind of people and their attitude, but everyone knows what I mean and apocas wise words ...

To conclude and say that the only thing you've got MR. Graham Humphrey is that I now get my "Rubbish games" as you call them post them to my WEBSITE FREE for everyone who wants it all to download and see for yourself that everything is not bad or you like you SR . "REDACTOR" paints it.

They will think 2 times or more developers will send something to the magazine if the SR.Graham AmigaFuture Humphrey in charge of making the article of your program or game, because as a professional leaves much to be desired and has no idea to "REVIEWS" from a point of view other than see the product as something that it can not create and threatens their limited world view commodore Amiga.

You are warned.

Each person has his day, and each time puts into place.

Greetings and Amiga4Ever

P.D are you this guy?

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