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New ADF Checker Demo...

Hi Guys,
Here's a demo of the beginnings of an ADF virus checker for Windows.

In addition to searching for virus definitions, it can also take a new approach,
and find viruses that it doesn't have definitions for by
brute force decrypting bootblocks with known virus decryption algorithms using every possible key combination.
An undocumented variant of The Lamer Exterminator was found this way.

Right now it is limited to testing one Amiga Disk File at a time,
and also limited to detecting/decrypting The Lamer Exterminator virus.
Support for unencrypted viruses should arrive quickly,
and then I plan to start on more encrypted viruses.

link removed due to possible virus infection. OP repost the link once this is sorted. Thanks BippyM

Cheers, Art.

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