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A quick update of the progress, just so you know that there is some.

For a long time I wrestled with a couple of major bugs without doing much else, it became quite a stagnant affair until I switched tactics and re-wrote several sections. The problems are (hopefully) fixed and I've been able to press on somewhat with tidying up everything else. I've been busy with a lot of other things besides this, and must confess I've let the summer get to me - especially easy to do that when all you've got going on is the slog of de-bugging.

The game has some restart code which flushes and re-loads the the graphics and appears quite clean, this is an important step in getting the transitions to other stages to function properly and that shouldn't be far away now, and I will begin putting Sodom into the game tonight. I'll stick my neck out here and say that this will be at a presentable state in about a week (or 2 ).

ATM the enemy attacks far too quickly. The collision/combo system resembles the arcade less than it formerly did because of changes made to speed up the code. I'm not overly concerned about this right now, I've been making notes of how the combo system could work and will try that when I get the stage transitions working. I think it matters more that the game remains playable rather than attempting to copy the arcade combo system 100% accurately.

Turrican3 has re-done the graphics for Haggar again, making him look quite different to before. I'm excited about getting this done, the pace is picking up again and I estimate the demo to be around 85% complete.

Expect a few bugs, and for certain elements to appear quite different from the arcade. I won't be able to get the energy bars working as sprites just yet- that will have to remain an experiment, but there will be one - and probably only one for now.

Finally to wrap up the earlier statement about ditching this in favour of a new game using the engine - I've (obviously) decided to continue Final Fight. Thanks to all that lent an opinion to this; there is some truth to all of the comments made.
Ultimately I would have to continue developing the engine with either option, and I've been able to develop something of a game plan as far as the new game goes. You will probably see something of it emerging quite soon as I plod along with FF AGA. I'm encouraged by the interest in working on new projects, I hope to see some collaborations further down the line, be that with me or otherwise.
As for the Haggar vs Haggar diversion - I may have some use for that when it comes to making this thing 2up, but not yet. There were just too many bugs to address to make such a distraction worthwhile.

I'll get back to you with a demo asap
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