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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Then there is no chance because of license incompatibility. Those shaders require lots of external data, extra textures etc from C-code side.
This is very unfortunate.

But, then I dont understand how the MESS team have implemented parts of UAE on it. For what I know MESS have some kind of Amiga emulation, or am I wrong? How they did it too? For what I understand MESS is something of a "fork", a sister project of MAME.

Anyway, since there are people interested to pay for it, may be a very good idea to pay for Toni and for example, to Blargg, that did very good filters for NTSC and I am pretty sure him could do something for PAL, too. Toni may work with him to "mix" NTSC and PAL filters to WinUAE.

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