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@pandy71 I must agree with everything you said.

I followed her work and send message to her with some specific questions and didn't get reply. I know for a fact that she answered number of mails to people giving support for hers projects and asking simple questions. I asked specific questions regarding that project Amiga on Chip so maybe that was too much for her to admit that he didn't do much. Anyway i don't think that there is something special in connecting some DEV board to some bus. After seeing her other projects, for example, C64 in joystick I realized that there were others people involved there. They separated project and each team member get his part to work on. So she didn't start or finish project alone. Another thing, there was such interest for creating that device and money support so it was hard for me to believe that this project was canceled due to lack of interest especially if people from Amiga community was there to provide documentations. In other hand why do you need any "real" documentations those days if you have A500 schematics and logic analyzers. It seems to me that people like mysteries just like she would be able to bring something totally modern and innovative. In my opinion best thing happened to amiga scene for past 10 years is minimig, you have everything there opensourced so if you want you can start creating much, much better Amiga in a Chip that she would ever done. Why she even bother publishing this video, so what if there is no interest in the project, something you start you need to finish or you don't start at all. One more strange thing is that FPGA she used, there is no way that this little FPGA can emulate complete Amiga chipset. There is simply not enough LE, and still need space for MC68K. If i can see well this FPGA can have no more than 8000LE and minimig for DE boards can take up to 22 000LE so here you have something to think how real this project was.
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