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Originally Posted by Amigan123 View Post
This would have been amazing, amiga hardware emulated on a single chip but was cancelled

[ Show youtube player ]

Maybe somebody could resurrect it, with current technology a small box with usb port for mouse, keyboard and xbox controller, external hdd, hdmi video and sound and an sd card reader for loading .adf images it would be awsome.

IMHO you should cool down - at first there is few projects with Amiga emulation on a chip - MINIMIG for example (or Jens Clone-A).

I've watched this movie many times some time ago and i must say after this i doubt that she was even close to emulate Amiga chips - look at her development board - around 60 perhaps slightly more lines connected to Amiga board - perhaps enough to emulate Agnus but where is Denise and Paula?, where is Gary and CIA's?
Probably she started some things around Amiga but that's all.

Perhaps im wrong but knowing how frequently she misname circuits/techniques (e.g. DDS vs Wavetable, PWM vs Delta-Sigma) i don't believe in this movie.
Also seem that Commodore lost documentation to Amiga chipset (thus it can be quite strange that someone give her lost plans) but proto Amiga was made on PAL's and TTL's so those plans look like hand draw fusemap's in PAL's so perhaps they are real.
Anyway im with huge reserve to her claims...
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