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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Thanks for this little demoshow

I think only Nexus 7 is what OP is looking for, though. Wit Premium: well, the music is fast I thought the textured octahedron was the most impressive part, and it looked very nice.

Unless you count the blenkvectors star, there's no 3D at all in Dove. Bit lame coding, but it had good polish and flow - and humor, I enjoyed it a lot
You're welcome

Why do you think they're not what the OP asked for? To me, those are all demos that feature basically the same stuff as early Falcon demos; texture mapping, envmapping, phong/gouraud shading, fractal rendering, voxel landscapes, warping rotozoomers, video decompression, full-screen animation playback, etc. Although admittedly, I threw a few personal favourites in there as well

I actually forgot about "Experiment 2007" by RNO: [ Show youtube player ]

The fact that there is no "complex" 3D compared to the Falcon demos in the original post is simply because A1200+fastmem can't cope with that. Dawn, and the two 40k remixes - the unofficial one being Damn by Abyss, [ Show youtube player ] - is some of the best 3D I've seen that's still enjoyable on the old 020+fast.

For a 14 MHz machine with no DSP and the added overhead of doing C2P conversion, I think they're pretty damn impressive but of course nowhere near the capabilities of the Falcon.
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