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I'm having another problem on my A4000. It has an Apollo 4040 at 40mhz with 128MB memory.

It starts, shows the menu and plays the music, but no stars or text is shown in the above field. I can see the selections below but not select any of them.

If I just hit enter the music fades and comes back to the main menu again.

I thought it was my custom 3.9 rom but it works fine in the A1200 using a rom with the same contents (more or less. 1200 specific stuff is different).

Made a little video.

Keep up the good work =) Still loving it.

Edit: I'm getting the same thing with 0.87 too, so I guess its more then likely something with my computer. It still happens if I run without startup-sequence though, so maybe something with the Apollo.. Dont know
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