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I was a Speccy owner too and left that for the consoles and Amiga,I too discovered the CPC much later and have recently played some interesting games on it like Satan,Savage and Prehistorik 2 which blew my mind!.The Spectrum has a place in my heart for sure and I follow the massive homebrew scene today but now I am a non biased multi-format retro gamer and have U-turned to explore all systems including ones i never owned in the 80`s. I still think the Zx Spectrum,BBC,CPC and 8-bit Atari have more playable games than the C64.Sure the C64 has a place in retro history for its sound and the (unbelievable) fact it was the best selling home computer globally,I will admit I have played a few games on the C64 which i am certain could not be done better on any other 8-bit but that is not enough!,in my experience it is a simple fact that the number of good playable games on the C64 can be counted in 10`s but on the Zx,Atari,BBC and CPC they can be counted in 100`s.
I regret missing out on the CPC but thanks to emulation i can now catch up.
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