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High Quality reproduction of Audio on 8 bit.

Hi All,

From some time i was curious about HQ audio reproduction on 8 bit PCM (Paula).

Bellow there are 4 files (8svx format) with results of my experiments.

1 classic recording and 1 modern, each of them with two versions, one for OCS ( sample rate 29073Hz, audio period 122 - $7A) and second for ECS and AGA with higher horizontal frequency active (sample rate 45473Hz, audio period 78 - $4E).

To be honest - i'm quite interested about your subjective opinion as i have no (yet) opportunity to listen those samples on real Amiga.

OCS should be capable to provide some 10 - 12 bit dynamics, where ECS+ over 16 bit dynamic on 8 bit DMA channel without channel folding (combining).

Sorry for file size (4.7MB for OCS and 7.4MB for ECS+) - this will not fit on FDD and external storage is required.

Regards and enjoy Paula audio!

--spectrograms added--

ECS and AGA - dynamics over 96dBFS (i.e. 16 bit or higher)

OCS - dynamics over 80dBFS (i.e. 12 bit or higher)

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