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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
I am long time Atari user (since 1986.) and I was wonder what are best Amiga 1200 demos with most complex 3D scenes BUT for STOCK A1200 (14MHz - with FastRAM).

Thanks in advance!
At the moment, I'm very into A1200+fastmem demos.

Below are a few with good 3D or other complex effects. Most of the videos were probably recorded on something faster, but I've watched all of them on real hardware (I've got both Hawk and Microbotics cards, pure memory expansions without faster CPU) recently and I've been impressed by their speed on A1200+fastmem.

Wit Premium by Freezers is crazy fast:
[ Show youtube player ]

Mindflow by Stellar was designed for A1200 with FastMem
[ Show youtube player ]

The 4K intro Dawn by Artwork contains a really fast 3D engine which is impressively fast:
[ Show youtube player ]

G-Force by Pygmy Projects features shaded 3D without texturing and it's quite snappy:
[ Show youtube player ]

Motion by Bomb also contains some fairly complex 3D and runs smoothly - EXCEPT the final Doom world, which is quite jerky. I think the video is recorded using an 030 turbo.
[ Show youtube player ]

Nexus 7 by Andromeda runs fine on even an A1200 without fastmem and is still very impressive:
[ Show youtube player ]

Syndrome by Balance is another demo that is nice and fast with some 3D:
[ Show youtube player ]

Dove by Abyss is another nice one with a super funky soundtrack to boot:
[ Show youtube player ]

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