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LOL! I haven't been doing my weekly Amiga searches like I used to over the past couple of months ( is so much more interesting), but this week I checked the US/English auctions...where did all of these US sellers come from all of a sudden out of nowhere?!? And with their ridiculous hyperbole and high prices!

That auction of books is the one of the stupidest things I've seen in ages. I had boxes of those books and others like them and could not GIVE the damn things away (even on ebay!) It seems every American wants to sell stuff on ebay instead of working a real job. One thing I learned during my ebay selling days is that if you start auctions at a dollar, it gets people to start the bidding. If you jack the price up, people pass your auctions over. I'm sick of seeing generic Amiga games starting at $10-15 (and higher) - some don't even have boxes and/or manuals, yet the sellers think L@@K, W@W and RARE!!!!!! in the description makes up for it. Personally, I'd rather pay overseas shipping than feed the bears...
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