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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
enough! I asked simple thing and got answer.
Nope You cheated with question but this is you right

And this is proof for this:

"I would say that ST coders are far superior than Amiga 500 coders - they copy almost every amiga effect on less capable hardware!"

Your own words... and this was real point - you not doing fair comparison, you only trying to prove some thesis at all cost even bending truth to your perspective.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
You turn this topic into proving already known fact: that Amiga is better than ST.
Nope - i'm trying to be fair - compare things that can be compared and insist to be really strict to avoid any mistakes.

And seem that Atari guys are aware of the Falcon HW superiority vs plain A1200:

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
...anyway, if somebody fish to read about "DSP on 3D" graphics, you can visit Atari-forum: (dml's posts)
And funniest part - you judging on how smooth graphics is based on YT - which is quite funny as YT reduce (and convert) framerate to 30fps so in fact incorrectly from both machines point of view (assuming that both display 25/50fps).

But when i saw your first message i pointed you that this is simple unfair - comparing A500 to ST and A1200 to Falcon.

Be well.
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