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Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
To me the DVI output does look a lot better, I love the clarity of it compared to the analog VGA. So if I were you I would upgrade to a monitor with a DVI input. But if a smooth retro 'warm fuzzy' image is what you're after, then you might actually be better off attaching a CRT VGA monitor to the output of your Indi. The problem with modern LCD monitors is that they only tend to look their best when displaying an image that uses their native (i.e. maximum) resolution. Lower resolutions tend to look blocky or jagged. Some LCD monitors have their own built-in fuzzification (not sure if that's the correct term ;-)) for lower resolutions in order to compensate for this, but often it just seems to lead to a blurry looking image rather than that 'smooth' look you tend to get on a CRT. But if you stick with analog VGA, make sure that you turn off the DVI output as Mr Schoenfeld advises, as this does make a big difference.

Of course CRTs have their downsides too though. For one thing if you want a big screen CRT, then the tube is enormous. I have a 21 inch Sony Trinitron for my A2000, it's nice but I almost break my back whenever I have to lift it. ;-)
Thanks, that all makes sense. The CRT would be nice but like you say they are HUGE and have no space for that!! I'm not complaining, the Indivision is amazing, I'll make do with my Dell for the moment and upgrade to DVI when funds allow Thanks for clearing this up for me.
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