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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
my point was that palette color changing was used in 1985. but not for displaying pictures.
Well a quick research reveals that Spectrum 512 was completed in 1987, the same year as the Newtek Demo Reel with its Dynamic Hires HAM. But Amiga doesn't actually have to rely on the CPU for this kind of palette changing trick, although that option is also open.

The Movie playback on Atari ST is truly impressive, my first thought was that the video must be a fake but I have looked it up and it seems real. I'll be honest I've never seen the like on the Amiga but then again it requires the video to be pre-calculated and streamed from a very fast hard disk because it couldn't decompress it fast enough. So it's a neat demo of what old hardware can do but not much practical use.

I do wonder, to be honest, if you only come here to say "Atari ST is better than Amiga, ner ner".

why would you process sound at 18bit precision when you have only 8bit DAC in Amigas ?!?
But Amiga has 4 of them, so combined you can get more than 8 bit. The easy trick is simply to play the least significant 6 bits on another channel at 1/64 volume, giving you 14 bit sound. I don't know how you would get 16 or 18 bit sound but maybe there are other ways.
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