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You can't say that AtariSt was shit ...

There was of course a little war, and the games were converted for both system.
In general, we can now admit that the Amiga release were better than atarist one.
But not for all games !

I prefer playing to IK+ on AtariST, because the music is really better !
In fact, many of old games have a better chiptune music for me than the amiga version.

Just try Jim Power or Turrican II and listen !
the Original Chris Huelsbeck tune was made on AtariST, and it really rocks ! (amazing Chris's TFMX music format)

Also, each system have its own games that couln't found anywhere else, like GEM on the ST.

If you are interested in AtariST emulation, so visit the best archive of the net dedicated to it:
The Little Green Desktop

from Little Green Desktop
The ST. vs. Amiga war raged fiercely and for years. Infact some could say it still goes on today. But it's probably best to just forget all about it now, keep it as a fond memory of flame wars and scroll texts, insulting pictures and slags in demos. That kinda thing
The rivalry that existed and indeed the superb demos that arose because of it! Each trying to outdo the other.
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