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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I've been following developments of the FPGA arcade and the new Replay Board. It looks like it has more chance of being released than good old NatAmi and may grow to include ECS/AGA support in the future.

Well that was my first post from 20 April 2009, it's been a long time but it's finally on sale

Originally Posted by site reports that FPGA Arcade motherboard is now on sale.

FPGA Arcade is a multipurpose emulator motherboard based on FPGA chips, capable to emulate Amiga and Atari machines.


Price is 199Euro for the version without composite/SVHS output, 229Euro with.

Replay features :
- Very large FPGA with high IO pin count for expansion
- 64 MByte of DDR memory
- Six layer PCB for high performance and stability
- 24 bit HD DAC with DVI / HDMI / VGA and legacy 15K monitor support
- Video line buffer / filter for highest quality output
- 24 bit / 192KHz audio DAC
- Flexible clock generator
- Small board size, fits in standard itx/atx case
- Lots of expansion for custom daughter boards or IO adapters (JAMMA for arcade cab use)
- Optional dual host USB with dedicated CPU for low latency
- Daughter board with Ethernet, fast USB and optional 68060 processor being designed
- Designed from the ground up to support multiple platforms (Amiga, Atari and others)

Original site:

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