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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
like Atari programmers that wrote NEOchrome before Atari ST was released

I would not put Spectru512 in same basket as Intuition or NEOchrome...
Intuition is name of OS subsystem in Amiga not application software - this is library used by system.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
otherwise, Amiga capability to display different resolution on same screen is really impressive!
Yes, this is quite unique for Amiga thanks to Copper. Similar concept was Display List for ANTIC on Atari 8-bit.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
how many?? like 50 per second: [ Show youtube player ]
Nope - trailer is 24 fps (cinema film framerate), also this is STE not ST and modification of hardware are required to transfer such high amount of data from external storage - CPU is turned to DMA channel - nothing else - show us 12 - 24 fps movie with mono sound decent quality on plain ST.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
[ Show youtube player ] is idea what you could try with Amigas...
Perhaps some day - currently any Amiga (ie from 1985) can provide 25 fps animation for 368x568 with stereo sound 29073 samples per second - with smart using this to be honest i don't feel pressure to push limits with slow CPU further.

AGA is capable to do even better video - with reasonable fast CPU and smart use latest video standards - for example using YCoCg space instead YCbCr thus reduce time required to color space conversion, with using some of techniques used by H.264 (integer transformations) there is a chance for compressed FMV, audio sampling rate can be higher without trickes and thus dynamic range easily can excess 90 - 100dB provide more than 16 - 18 bit quality on ordinary Paula DMA audio channel.

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