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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

Try pressing the menu button (leftmost of the four), it'll display the type of monitor. The example settings I have included with the flickerfixer archive have been made on a Dell 1704FPV.

So my monitor is a Dell E173FP, prob slightly older than the 5 year mark I was suggesting as there is no DVI input. I still can't get that smooth screen I'm craving after (I have PAL HI-RES Laced, display is slightly 'pixellated' on WB and games), but then again I'm intending to upgrade my monitor soonish, I'm just wondering if this is as good as it gets for this particular range of monitors or am i missing out on something obvious, I'm no IT fella, just a gamer after all!

Otherwise, great product/s and keep up the good work!
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