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I'm a retro computing fan, but generally I've stayed within the realm of 8-bit machines - mostly the Commodore 64, VIC-20, and Atari 800XL. I am also a musician and I got my start using trackers on a PC (and use old machines for chiptunes today, among other things). Since music trackers were born on the Amiga and I'm into retro machines, I wondered if I should get into them...

My question and reason for being here is, I'm wondering if it's worth buying an old Amiga, or if emulation really makes that pointless. I know that for my C64 musical endeavors it's just not the same using an emulator (emulating SID filters for example... is impossible). But the Amiga, being a newer-tech machine, may not have the same quirks and have an identical user experience emulated.

What do you think?
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