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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
and than, it is interesting that Amiga coders did not use this trick until... ???
(I just want to say that limitation of ST hardware, and far better competition machine: Amiga, push ST coders to do really amazing stuff! so "emulation of Amiga" is not a necessary a bad thing )
Perhaps, but as i said previously - Amiga is multitasking, multiprocessor system, complex - check even this board - we still struggling with some aspects (HW and SW) - we don't have Suska and i afraid that near future will not bring to many solutions for community problems.
So as we can use 64 colors in one line (or 32 or HAM) color changing was seen more like curiosity - impressive but not very usable feature.

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
I bet that PCHG pictures looks better than HAM
And you can loose bet - HAM is very powerful and definitely underestimated - with good converter especially one wit some tricks and modern quantization algorithms it can provide optimal conditions to display almost any type of graphic.
There is lack of power on plain Amiga to use it frequently as HAM can be seen as compressed framebuffer thus processing is required to prepare data for framebuffer. HAM have also serious limitation - it is only LowRes.
But anyway Amiga have HAM, EHB and Copper and we can use this, together with correctly processed audio (especially for ECS or AGA) Amga can provide broadcast video quality with audio over 15 - 17 bit dynamics - i would say as for 20 year old technology not bad.
I really miss only one thing in AMiga - DSP similar to Falcon as standard from very beginning - even old TMS32010/32025 can be nice to have but... technology of 80's have own limitations.
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