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I just installed my Indi MK II cr into my A1200 and it worked brilliantly with my DVI monitor for the first few minutes. However now that I have left the Amiga running for a while the image seems to have too much red in it (the workbench looks pink instead of grey). I've also noticed that there now seems to be a red background showing on the splash screen when booting that I hadn't noticed before.

I'm wondering if perhaps I need to clean Lisa with some IPA or PCB cleaning spray. I'm thinking perhaps the Indi isn't reading some of the RGB bits correctly due to poor contact with Lisa. Could that be the reason? I guess I'll have to be very careful trying to remove the Indi though. Does anyone have any recommendations? How easy is it to pull off? I'm guessing not that easy if it can lift the whole mainboard ;-) As long as I pull straight up and not on an angle should I be able to remove it without damaging the pins or the motherboard?

The display is still beautifully sharp and artifact free, just very pink.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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