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Same on Amiga. Same CPU, same bus limitations, slightly lower clock compensated by less power hungry tasks performed by HW.
so copper can not on their own do palette changes? so 68000 also must be involved?
No, CPU or Copper can change content of any (Copper with some restrictions CDANG and OCS vs ECS+ differences) register also color registers - CPU only need to construct copper list and point copper to copper list rest is performed independently, additionally Copper and Blitter can be linked (Blitter modify Copper list which control Blitter)

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on Atari demand for more colors on screen was because of 3D software, CAD 3D, to be able to show results as good as possible. (follow the link that I left few post above for more info)
As i said previously - some of HW functionality already available in Amiga make Amiga developers more "lazy"
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