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for instance, my opinion is that my father had the choice. bipolarity can have severe issues if the patient is not taking exactly his medics AS specified by his doctor.

You can't deal this illness if you drink. when his doctor told my father to stop drink and then be treated he said NO ! i won't stop drinking.

Fact is bipolar medics are incompatible with alcohol (you'll get very serious health problem), so my dad has finally 'played' with his medics, the result is know : he went in a delirious state, leading to paranoia, aggressiveness and illness deny. His behaviour then went out of the way.

Morality of this story, i can't forgive him, because he had solutions. he had the choice between the illness, and a normal life by taking his pills.

He choosed the illness. The result is a house destroyed, i have lost 40000 euros+, and now the family mood is bad between each members.

My mother is always saying that material is nothing. Fact is you can't find 40000 bucks in a horse step. and i'm mostly sure i won't get them back.

They are all in emotion (stockholm syndrom), while i'm not. To get the best view on all this, i have made researches on what bipolarity is, how it works, and so on.

Bipolarity is an organic illness, which if not treated by medics can lead the subject to suffer from mental illnesses like paranoia, agressiveness, and the 3 cases are : they can kill (paranoia), they can sexual assault (inability to control pulsions), and they can be pyromaniacs. My father is in the 3rd category.

Fact is also that doctors and medecine know that the illness has an organic root. but they don't know how and where, and the causes which lead to it. The only answer are medics, and only medics.

so my family says 'but it's your father' and i answer he is, but what he did was a criminal act. He has allowed his illness to let him do what he did.

it's like someone who knows he has 'aids', and contaminates someone and finally says 'yes i know i have aids' and the contaminated person ask then 'why did you do that to me?" and that the guy with aids answers 'i was ill, but i desesperately wanted to fuck, sorry......'

I like to play ambermoon actually

my collection was not covered, since it would had cost me an arm to insurance all these.
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