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nice. did not know that it use only 2 bitplanes. we should made one nice site about all this stuff!...

To conclude - you may assume that Lores 4 bitplanes/Hires 2 bitplanes are without speed limitation on CPU side (unless Copper/Blitter heavily used) - this is similar to ST.
on ST there is no CPU time left (almost) while displaying Spectrum512 images. you are saying that same thing is with Amiga?

btw this is offtopic but: what about PCHG animation/video? is anybody done this on Amiga?

on Atari STe, Mr. Petari made 50fps video playback from CF Card connected to ROM port.
Video is up to 416x228px, 48 colors per scanline, 50fps for flickering and additional perceptual colors (30000). Speed of CF card ROM port adapter is more than 3.5MB/s(!) but for video and sound 2.4MB/sec is enough.

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

btw2 do you have some reference that palette changing trick for displaying images are made on XL or C64 prior 1987.?
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