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Originally Posted by Reido View Post
Cool thanks I'll check this out and report back. No DVI input on this monitor i'm afraid.
If you're stuck with analogue out, then you should disable the DVI output. An open/unterminated DVI output will cause interference, depending on the DVI->VGA adapter that you have, and it consumes extra power, producing extra heat.

The default on Indivision AGA MK2 is "both on", so every customer has a picture on the first try. However, you should turn off what you don't need in order to save power and (at least for analogue) get the best-quality picture out of your unit.

Originally Posted by Reido View Post
As for the girlfriend issue, I could change the locks, hehe.......
Hey, she moved in with you *despite* your Amiga hobby. She may be worth it ;-)

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